St. Bartholomew's Church
St. Anthony of Padua Parish of Inlet and Raquette Lake

103 Crosby Blvd.
PO Box 236
Old Forge, NY 13420

Rectory: 189 Park Avenue
Parish Office: 103 Crosby Blvd

Oratory: St. William’s, Raquette Lake
183 North Route 28

Rectory: 189 Park Avenue, Old Forge

Mail: PO Box 236, Old Forge, NY 13420

Fall Mass Schedule

  We are happy to welcome all who join us for Mass on Sunday, or Anticipated Mass on Saturday afternoon.  Thank God we are able to come together to give God the Praise God is due!  

4:00 pm          St. Bartholomew’s, Old Forge                                                  
5:30 pm          St. Anthony’s, Inlet                        

8:00 am          St. Anthony’s, Inlet                                                
10:00 am        St. Bartholomew’s, Old Forge                        

The Sacrament of Penance is offered Saturday 3-3:30 pmat St. Bartholomew’s, and Sunday 7:30-7:45 at St. Anthony’s.  

The needs and intentions of our parishioners and neighbors are remembered in prayer each day at our churches.   Please check back weekly for the Mass schedule.A further change will be made not late in the fall.